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Kertih Port

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Operated by Kertih Port Sdn Bhd



Lot 3834, Kawasan Bukit Tengah

KM 105, Jalan Kuantan

24300 Kertih

Kemaman, Terengganu.


Tel : 09-8272288

Fax : 09-8272959



Senior Manager: Capt. Abu Samah bin Bidin


Kertih Port Marine Terminal situated at 4( 31( N 103( 33( E. Kertih Port consists of 3 single buoy moorings. One Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring (CALM) operated by Petronas Penapisan Sdn Bhd (PPSB) while two SALMs, operated by ESSO Production Malaysia Inc. (EPMI) are used for loading crude oil from the Terengganu Crude Oil Terminal (TCOT).


Kertih Port is situated off the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia in the South China Sea.


The port area is enclosed between Latitudes 4( 30( N and 4( 37( N and between Long 103( 26.8( E and 103( 33(.0 E.


Two mooring masters normally board tankers at the Anchorage Area from a launch or tug boat. During the N.E. Monsoon period (November-March) vessels may be requested to pick-up personnel at a position off Tanjong Berhala about 20 miles S.E. of the terminal area.


The Kertih Port Sdn Bhd is equipped with radar-based vessel tracking and traffic management computer system, and will advise vessels when VHF contact has been established.

Approaching the anchorage area from the N.E - S.E. quadrant, there are no outlying dangers.

i) Pulau Tenggol a steep to 900 ft high island situated 20

   miles N.E. of the terminal area,

ii) Bukit Labohan a 1200 ft high hill just south of the

   terminal, are excellent radar targets, easily identified.


The restricted area is bounded by imaginary lines connecting the following points.

1. Lat 4( 34( N Long 103( 28( E

2. Lat 4( 37( N Long 103( 31( E

3. Lat 4( 32( N Long 103( 33( E

4. Lat 4( 33( N Long 103( 28( E



The anchorage area is 4 miles square bounded by Lat 4( 30(.0N and Lat 4( 32( N and Long 103( 32(.0E and Long 103( 34(.0E.

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